The Dialectic Between Creation and Crucifixion

Previous conceptions of the attributes of God describe Him as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. These conceptions are based upon the human traits of ability, knowledge, and presence, extended ad infinitum. They are thus unacceptable by Luther’s theology of the cross. Drawing upon the Psalmist’s idea of creation being the handiwork of God and Luther’s assertion that God reveals Himself at the cross of Christ alone, I suggest a different attribute of God, one based upon the chasm between the gloriousness of creation and the lowliness of the crucifixion, utilizing the two as extremes of a dialectic between which God is to be known.

God-of-the-Gaps Arguments in Light of Luther’s Theology of the Cross

Barbour suggests several possible relations between science and religion. I explain why these relations are inadequate and propose a different way of relating the two. Drawn from the cross theology of Martin Luther, it dictates that we frame science within an encompassing fideist system centered around the cross of Christ. I further describe why such a faith based approach would solve the God-of-the-Gaps problem concerning quantum indeterminacies.

Salvation by Quantum Entanglement

Martin Luther suggested that God disperses the salvation gained by the sacrifice of Christ both before and after the crucifixion itself. This essay describes how quantum entanglements can facilitate a timeless dispersal of salvific grace, and hypothesizes that it is God who creates, maintains and manipulates space-time using such entanglements, in a way analogous to a spider controlling its web.

Cosmic Expansion Supports Continuous Creation

In the 20th century, scientists found that the fabric of space is undergoing continuous expansion, a phenomenon which is evident in astronomical observations. This article contends that such expansion entails the constant creation of new space, thus supporting the Christian doctrine of continuous creation previously advocated by Robert Millikan. Different variations of the continuous creation doctrine are presented, followed by an explanation of how recent findings of cosmic expansion support one variation thereof.

About Me

I am a writer residing in Haifa, Israel. I hold degrees in Biology and Philosophy of Biology but my main academic education has been earned at the local library. My interests include integrating Christian Theology, specifically Luther’s Theology of the Cross and Barth’s Neo-Orthodoxy, with current scientific findings in Quantum Physics, Genetics, and Biological Anthropology.

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